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Model: COD BOD TSS PH Analyzer

Name: Water Quality Analyzer

Category: Water Quality Analyser


This instrument adopts the pulse xenon lamp as light source and the ultraviolet optical fiber spectrometer as detector; is capable for real-time gathering of absorption spectrum of water pollutants ranging from 200nm to 800nm and real-time analysis of the content of water pollutants by means of chemo metric algorithm technology.

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1.It requires no reagents, so it can save operating costs and will cause no secondary pollution.

2. The response is quick (about 2 seconds). It is suitable for the occasion where high real-time

performance is required, such as industrial process analysis.

3. Free from the interference of chloride ion.

4. It adopts full-spectrum measurement and chemo metric algorithm analysis, which in comparison with the

simple dual wavelength background subtraction technology, can measure more parameters and is less

likely to be influenced by the compositional change of waste water.

5. All components are independently researched and developed.

6. It adopts pulse blowing method to clean the pollutants on the two window surfaces.

The instrument probe in the water measured organics in the water by means of xenon lamp. The

calculation of the spectrum obtained after each measurement will produce a measured value, which

will be transmitted to the control box and displayed

7. Optical Fiber on the main interface. One measurement only takes several dozens of seconds.

Meanwhile, in the interval of meanwhile, in the interval of measurement, the instrument will be

automatically cleaned to prevent contaminants from being deposited on the surface of the lens.

Principle : UV- VISIBLE spectral sensor (ISA)with completes Spectrum scanning

Measuring Parameter : COD, BOD, TSS

Display : 7 ½ ” LCD Touch Screen

COD Range : 200,500 or 800 ppm ( Specify )

BOD Range : 200,500 or 800 ppm ( Specify )

TSS Range : 100 ppm

Linearity : 2% FS

Zero Drift : < 1% FS

Accuracy : < ± 10%

Interval : The shortest 60 Seconds, the cycle can be set

Probe Depth : <10 m

Optical Path : cab be adjusted according to site conditions

Operating Temp 5 to 45°C

Auto cleaning : Can be set

Interface : 2 x 4 to 20 mA ( for COD & TSS Only ), Ethernet

Light source : Xenon flash light Measuring

Head material : stainless steel

Temperature range : 0°c to 80°C

Enclosure : IP 65

Probe Size : 60 x 380.5 mm

Probe Weight : 5 Kg

Power Supply : 230 VAC, 50 Hz

Sample Temp. : +2 to +40°C

Ambient Temp. : +2 to 40°C

Inflow Velocity : 0.1 to 10 m/S

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