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MCOM108P(Profibus to Lan/RS485)Converter

Model: MCOM108P(Profibus to Lan/RS485)Converter

Name: MCOM108P

Category: Industrial Protocol Converter


PROFIBUS is a field bus communication system with a wide range of applications, particularly in the fields of factory and process automation. The MCOM108P integrates devices with serial RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 interfaces into a PROFIBUS DP network. Serial I/O devices, electronic scales, operator terminals, barcode readers and other automation devices can easily be connected to an existing PROFIBUS network

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16-Bit Microprocessor inside with 80MHz

? Siemens SPC3 PROFIBUS controller

 ? Supports PROFIBUS DP-V0 slave

 ? PROFIBUS transmission rate detect automatically

? Max transmission speed up to 12M bps for PROFIBUS and 115.2K bps for COM Port

? COM Port driver has 100 KB QUEUE input buffer & 100 KB QUEUE output buffer

? Max length of in/output data is 128 Bytes

 ? Built-in self-tuner ASIC controller on RS-422/485 port

 ? 2500Vrms High Speed iCoupler Isolation Protection for PROFIBUS network

 ? 3000VDC Isolation Protection on the PROFIBUS side

 ? Provide LED indicators

 ? Built-in Watchdog

? Mountable on DIN Rail

COM Port specs:

? Serial port - RS-232/RS-422/RS-485

? Serial port interface: 14-pin screw terminal block

 ? Baud Rate?1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps

? Data Format: 7/8 data bits, None/Odd/Even parity bit, 1 stop bit PROFIBUS specs:

 ? PROFIBUS interface connector: D-sub 9-pin female

 ? Baud Rate: 9.6K/19.2K/45.45K/93.75K/187.5K/500K/1.5M/3M/6M/ 12Mbps

? Address Setting: 0~126 (set by DIP switch or EEPROM) Power requirement:

? Unregulated +10V ~ +30V DC

 ? Power reverse protection, Over-Voltage brown-out protection

 ? Power consumption 2.5W Module specs:

? Dimensions: 119mm X 72mm X 33mm

? Operating temperature: -25 ~ 75 ºC

? Storage temperature: -30 ~ 85 ºC

 ? Humidity?5 ~ 95%, non-condensing

? LED Status Indicators 

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